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    rxp knocking / 12v low please help...

    Yesterday I was out with a friend of mine who just bought an 06 rxp with 49 hours on it. I took it out for a quick ride and came back, the entire time it ran great. A few min later he jumped on it started it up and it sounded horrible... like an engine knock. He shut it off we checked to see it there were any visible problems under the seat and oil level. Everything looked normal. He once again started it up the knock was still making noise amd the dash was flashing 12v low. Now it began to smell like burn oil. He shut it off once again and was unable to restart it after... I feel horrible since I was the last one to ride the ski, any ideas on what the problem may be? I did research on the 12v low issues but I have not heard of anyone complaining of a knocking noise at the same time... thanks in advance

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    check your oil filter for bearing material

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    Update - We swapped out for a fresh battery and new spark plugs. I also checked the prop / shaft for debris. The engine turns over with no problem with the plugs removed. Once the spark plugs are in place the engine has trouble cranking. It did start up for approximately 5 seconds (sounding horrible) but it stalled out quickly... Any other ideas? The oil filter did not seem to have any debris in it...

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    mag could have lost some magnets

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