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Thread: 96 sl700 jetski

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    96 sl700 jetski

    after winter went to start no spark at all was told I needed an electronic box and or a ignition coil box need part numbers anyone have a manual for this? also told I might need an update ignition kit? any part no. on that

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    Here's a link to some good information on ignition update kits:

    I'd start with determining what has failed on your setup. The stator is the most common failure (either the 1200ohm or 88ohm coil most likely) but the CDI and Coil can fail as well. Have you done any electrical tests on the stator to verify what has failed? What is the history of the ski?

    Parts aren't too hard to find but be sure to shop around. The ignition update kits are not currently available but rumors have been floating around that Polaris may produce another batch of kits at some point (if they actually will and when no one knows).

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