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    1994 seadoo xp help!!

    Idles fine will go with little throtle and then you can fester throtle and it will catch up with itself but eventually bog out??? Is this my rectifier? I've read some articles and seen a video and I thought that is what's it but I'm not smart with these I need some help please

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    Yep it could be. There are alot of posts in the history here. I used one of those on my 94 2 years back and it fixed it. You best move on it parts are getting a little scarse.....good luck. Make sure you don't have the grey fuel lines first. Put new carb filters and fuel filter in. The go all electrical on it....IMHO

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    Rectifier problems with run ability only affect the skis with dc cdis - the 787 and 951. The ski you have the rectifier is only there to charge the battery

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    I'd be looking for a fuel delivery problem or an exhaust leak inside the hull.

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