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    1992 Seadoo XP no Spark please help

    I picked up a 1992 Seadoo XP mint for $200 as it has no spark I put in a new coil and still nothing , I unplug the black and red wire from the cdi box and I have spark, Plug back in and nothingI am lost I got another black box today everything hooked up and still no spark.Unplug red black wire and spark. I have tried different ..shut of switches buypassed teather, still nothing!!! What can I be missing? Maybe a wire under the stator cover? But it has spark when unplugged

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    if I fully unplug wire right from the coil and put in my test light and crank over it lights the light when plugged into coil nothing , I have tried 2 coils
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    something funky is going on now

    I had it working and now it is not again I thought it was the teather but apparently not as today I have no spark

    With the plugs out I hold down the teather and push the start button NO SPARK but when I release the teather button and keep the starter button pressed the plugs are sparking WTF?

    relays bad cause no spark??

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    you have something grounding out somewhere.

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