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    Dual carbs. keep my set up or go back to single?

    i purchased this 650 before last summer, its got dual mikuni carbs i think 34mm? i cant remember what size the prev owner said but if u look down into the bore of the carb it has a 34. i measured the bore at the top where the filter sits and its 40mm. i tried taking it off to measure the bore but couldnt access the inner nuts to take them off. so i have pics of numbers stamped on maybe u guys can tell?
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    Anyways the thing ran great the first couple times we rode and then i think i screwed up with the oil:gas mix and i tried at the lake to tune it and its never rode right since then, ive asked other ppl around me who ride and one of my friends said i should just drop the twin carb set up and just use one of them. he said its pretty tough tuning them both right and u can have issues running one cyl hotter than the other and that the 2 carb set up was popular but didnt do enough to be worth it, not to mention sucking down all my gas. what do you guys think? anyone else with a twin set up here?

    I decided to take the carbs and manifold off today bcuz i wanted to look into going back to one. when i was inspecting the coupler between the carbs that hook together the shafts on the throttle i noticed the lock screws had vibrated loose and they were not clamping the shafts together.
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    I could hold the coupler with one hand and turn the throttle and only the front carb would open. so now im thinkin what if this was the problem the whole time? one carb was just not working right. i always would adjust the needles evenly but it was always hard to get going out on the water. I would have to go lightly on the gas, accelerating really slow and then i would usually have to stay in the throttle once i got going fast.
    Also what brand of intake manifold is this. I may just sell one carb and mani for an aftermarket manifold for the single carb.

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    I'd go with two carbs, but you can do what you want.

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    Westcoast manifold. Stick with the doubles

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