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    Breaking In Question

    Guys I appreciate any advice on the matter of breaking in a new runner. I am picking up a 2012 RXT 260 left over this week and I know from experience that the dealer will tell me to run the learner key for 10hrs. We did this previously with 2 different 2009 GTX 215s and the things always gave trouble. One of them was swallowed by Sandy last year hence the new machine. Any advice on breaking in the new one?

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    i would say dont use the learners key. the ski itself will limit you for first few hours. just no wot runs and try to vary your rpms like dont sit at 5k the whole time lol

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    Use the regular key.....vary rpms....dont get on it to hard til the engine oil is warmed up.....keep from full throttle for the first few hours.....pretty much after 5 hours let her rip!!!!

    I'd also change oil out after about 10 hrs

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    During each hour of break in do Atleast 1 wot run.
    Don't hold it wot but bring it there and taper off.
    The computer isn't going to allow you to ever over rev.
    It's bred to haul ASS...
    After 3 hrs hold it wot a little longer.
    After 5 hours gag her for a min to 2 minutes.
    The computers on the skis I've broken in didn't allow higher rpms til 6-8 hours..
    Don't ride at the same rpms for too long during the entire break in.
    Never try any wot runs till Atleast 10-15 min of running.
    It takes the ski that long to warm the motor oil.
    Change the oil and filter at 10-15 hours.
    I've got 146 hrs on mine and she's 100% stock and gets 90% wot...
    Never used any oil and never let me down..

    What your doing with this type of break in method is to allow the entire cylinder of each piston get even wear right from the start..
    So wot it every hour.
    I've used this method with 3 newer doos..

    Rip on..

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    After the first hour i pinned mine,NOT for any continuous long runs BUT for at least a 1/4 mile..then i would go to half throttle then idle then back up to WOT for another 1/4 mile...

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    Read post 13 here:

    Welcome to the hulk!

    Using the Learners key for break in is bad advise and is not in your Owners Manual! I suggest you do exactly as instructed in the Owners Manual.

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