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    2002 FX140 Advice needed

    Hello guys, I'm looking to buy a 02 FX140 with a little over 200 hrs. Ski is 'water ready' and 'runs great' as per owner. I'm very familiar and comfortable with the 2 strokes, have been playing with them-taking them apart and back together for decades, this will be my first 4 stroker jetski. Anything I should be aware of with this particular ski other than normal wear and tear? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Wish me luck!

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    Run it for a little wile before you check the oil. when changing the oil measure it so you can put the same amount of new oil in it. only other thing is put new plugs in it now even if they look good.

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    Congrades on a new purchase i looked at a couple of he 140 2002 model found out that was the first 4 stroke on the market lacks power but is fuel efficiant ; good luck

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    Update-going to see it this Saturday, hope to buy it! It will be my second ski, mainly for my wife/daughter and for pulling all kinds of things. I will water test it, but a couple of things worry me: owner says trim and reverse cable are frozen, he also replaced the whole pump with a "good used one" when he bought it because it was also frozen. My guess is the owner before him did not perform a lot of maintenance, which I know can potentially be a precursor for disaster. Is there a way to test for cooling system issues besides waiting for the thing to overheat? I don't think there's temp gauge, just a sensor with a warning light, right? Is there a cooling system cleaning agent to prevent clogging or potentially cleaning out old gunky/poorly flushed water jackets? WISH ME LUCK!

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    Could be a ski that sat in water or some sort of ski dock that left the rear submerged. Honestly unless its at a super great price, I would seriously consider looking some more before buying. Don't be in a rush as you would want a fully functional ski if for the family. Reverse is a good option for the wife and kids to have. Check inside the hull for signs of corrosion on the intermediate shaft, engine etc. Check the oil to see if dirty. Check the side water outlets to ensure cooling flow. You can use Salt Away to prevent more corrosion, but only real way to get that set in corrosion is to disassemble and manually clean it out. Probably not as bad internally as you may think though.

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    "Frozen" or locked-up parts can indicate a ski that was neglected, allowed to sit for months, etc.
    Without a warranty it's a crap shoot, and with your 2 stroke background you need to be aware that rebuilding/repairing 4 strokes can be much more complicated and very expensive. Many times the costs exceed the value of the watercraft. If you haven't pulled the trigger yet, I would suggest passing on this one.

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