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Thread: X charger rxp.

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    X charger rxp.

    Hey need some advice on purchasing an x charger. I did a phase 1 on my rxp and I see that an x charger is the best bolt on mod I can do after that. Where is the best place to buy one? Could I save any money buying used and rebuilding since I have already invested in the tools when I did the washers on the stock charger?


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    For the lil money I have in my ski on mods, I love my X charger! Occasionally you will see them in the for sale section when other guys upgrade. just depends on how long you want to wait for one to pop up vs saving x-amount of dollars I guess.
    Don't forget to stash away some money for an external IC!!

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    I just bought a new unused one on here with the 4inch air adapter for 475.00 shipped ...seem to be a decent deal .also bought the 42lb injectors on ebay for 37.50 each .

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    Thanks guys, I tried to put up a WTB but I don't have enough posts I will start checking around on new prices. Is there a certain part number to stay away from?

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