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    Question Can not remove Ignition Coil to get to plugs. Please Help.

    I have a '06 GTI and it was time for some routine maintenance. I went to change the plugs and I was able to pull coil 1 off just fine, coil 2 was a little stuck with a good grip via plyers I was able to get it out. But now the coil on cylendar will 3 not budge. It will spin, but it will not come out. I have great leverage and am getting some force on it but it wont budge. Any tips on how to get it out or how it could be stuck. I have already damaged the top of the coil trying to get it oout so I know I'll have to replace it. Just need some advice of how to get it out.

    I've searched and this doesn't seem to be a common issue because I can't find anything.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Soak it in WD or similar and then twist and pull. Hopefully that will work.

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    Possibility the metal under the plastic sleeve on the coil pack expanded and cracked the sleeve causing it to get stuck in the spark plug tube. You can remove the valve cover and pull up the stuck coil along with the spark plug tube. That would make it easier to work out.

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