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    2007 RXP 215 oil/spark plug questions


    So I am changing my oil and plugs for the first time. I need some help. First and foremost which oil do I use for this particular ski. Also which spark plugs do you guys recommend and what is the correct size. Also any recommendations on filter? Thank you!

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    any oil is fine as long as it is wet clutch compatible with a JASO MA 1 or MA2 rating, it is normally in the motorcycle isle. Alot of us are using Amsoil 10w-40 moto oil or the marine version of it. Some were also using Mobil One's 4t oil and the Valvoline moto stuff. As for the filter I've been running the K&N ones since i got my ski. Part# KN-556, most shops are going to have to ordered them in, I bought 6 back in the day (also got 6 for my car at the same time) helps save on shipping and needing to wait for them to come in.

    For spark plus, just get NGK# 4339 DCPR8E. They have to be the 4339 stocking number, NGK makes 2 version of the same plug, one without removable post and ones with removable post. 4339 are the removable ones.

    You're also going to need a oil extractor if you dont already have one.

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