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Thread: My 95 SLT 750

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    My 95 SLT 750

    Well i'm totally new to jet ski's and of course Polaris. I was just looking around on Craigslist one day and found this Jet ski 95 SLT 750 for CHEAP!! It turned over no problem so I bought it.. $300.. I knew it was gonna need some work as it sat for years.. It looked pretty good.. When I got it home I put some gas in it (premix to start off) put a battery in it and started it.. Believe it or not it fired right up.. I was excited.. The Haul had a small hole in it so I took it over to a friend of mine who fixes boat hauls for a living.. He fixed me right up.. So After registering it I took it out on the water for a small test run.. As far as I knew it ran good.. (remember this is my first one). So last weekend I took it to the lake on our camping trip. 5 Min in the water and the stator wires burned up. (BUMMER) that was the end of that.. Well I took it home and started doing research. (should have done that first I guess) Found that these things were well known for burning cylinders do to fuel pump. So I did a compression test. 2 out of 3 cylinders have 130lbs and 1 cylinder has 0. So now i'm debating on weather to rebuild that one cylinder and doing the stator or tearing it apart and parting it out..

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    Totally up to you, but if you are going to keep it, and keep it running well, you really should do more than replace the piston and stator. There is a slew of fuel system upgrades including carb rebuilds that really should be done. Probably looking at $500-$700 in upgrades and repairs, if you do all the labor yourself. Once done, however, you should have a reliable solid running ski for years to come......


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