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    2002 freedom 700 spark only with bilge switch pushed

    I have a 2002 polaris freedom 700 with no spark.

    I had taken this ski to a polaris dealer and had them test the stator and they told me it was bad so i replaced it with a new one. Still no spark so I called them and they told me well maybe the cdi so I ordered one. Well still no spark. So i found this site and did some checking found that i can start the machine by holding the bilge switch down.

    Tested battery voltage and stays about 11.2 while cranking. Check all grounds, connections, power where it needs to be according to the wire diagram i down loaded. I'm finding that this Lr 505 module could be my real problem and i spent a bunch of money for nothing. I did try a couple of different modules all 505 but came up with the same problem. But not saying those are good either. My buddy had them laying in his garage. Just want a second opinion before i spend more money if i don't have to.

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    the hold the bilge pump switch down is a classic LR505 failure mode tester.

    I'd be asking the owner of that dealership for least at his cost since you had to replace those other "broken" parts

    You won't have much trouble selling those "known good" parts btw.....

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