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    HELP POlaris genesis/ ficht 1200

    HELP!! Purchased a 99 polaris genesis month ago. took it our for a ride the other day and it "flew" for about good hour and 10 min.up to 55 MPH.
    then it lost power. Top speed 35. let it cool off and put it back on trailer thinking it was nothing. next day took it again and problem was same.
    noticed 3d cylinder was not warm/hot at all.had Just spoke to a mechanic and he told me id have to rebuild the engine ...cost $ 3000...he said first and second cylinder give decent compression and third is crap. after freaking out and not knowing what to do i read the manual and decided i was going to take it apart myslelf.

    took top off and found a big hole in the piston.
    My questions are : Is it ok to only replace one cylinder?whats the best place to buy from ?? what could cause the overheat? what else should i check for ?
    Never owned a ski before! Never worked on any vehicles/motors/skis before....just went by what the book says .
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Too bad you didn't come here BEFORE you went riding

    See my signature links for some catch up reading and common maintenance items.

    Yes, you can replace just one piston and cylinder, BUT you need to also remove and properly rebuild all three carburetors, and clean up the rest of the fuel system.

    You need to pray that none of the melted metal debris from the piston went down into the crank case bearings.

    Don't forget to service the jet pump and replace the through-hull seals while you are working on your Genesis.

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    yea i feel the same way..rushed into it.thanks for the info. will work on it over the weekend hopefully.
    thanks again.

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