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    Jet of water from stern??


    as the title says is this a cooling thing or is it just for visibility?? Can I just plug it up??

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    Its for visibility and you can plug it. Research around here. There are a ton threads on it with a bunch of different ideas on removal. Its called the visibility spout or spray. Some people call it the gay spray.

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    Its a bidet (sp?)

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    you can plug it completely or put a valve on the line so you can turn it off or on depending on where you're riding--do a search and you'll see the various options

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    some people dont like it when they are tubing or wakeboarding... not a problem for me with my 2 seater gpr

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    ahhhh, yes the gay spray. lol I removed mine on my wave venture. LOVE not having it after years of getting water in my face when tubing/sking, or getting my back wet when trying to reverse. It's amazing how easy it was to get rid of.

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