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    Ultra 300X vs. RXP-X 260


    I Ride a SeaDoo RXP-X 260 with IJSBA Stock Class modification. My Jet goes ~76 MP/H Garmin GPS....

    But in the Ocean, if is choopy....this Ski is not the Best..i think the Ultra 300X is the Best Ski for choppy Ocean, but makes this Ski also fun on Flat Water ? How fast goes this Ultra300X with the Speed Control Override Module ?

    What is with the Exhaust Filter ? Remove or change all 20 HR ??

    Best regards

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    In a stock class legal 300 currently the filter needs to stay in. We have discussed this with the current tech director and since there is no performance gain he is looking at allowing us to remove it for safety reasons to avoid a filter failure that could potentially hurt the engine.
    To answer the question about the scom the potential average of just that addition is 73.

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    If you are looking into racing offshore, go for the 300X! Can't beat it and no sweat for the S/C!

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    They are the two most top performing skis you can buy at the moment.

    You can set the RXP-X up for rough water, and if you get a tune, it won't be too far behind the 300x in mild chop. The RXP-X will be slightly quicker in smooth water.

    If you are riding in the ocean, or big lakes, the 300x will give you a much better ride.

    I generally go between 72-75mph wth a few air mods and SCOM.

    Cheers, Mal.

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    Raced the weekend just gone on very light chop and ski wash bouncing back off river wall (Stock ski's, 300x not even allowed washer mod), and the first 3 ski's home were 300x's.
    My 250 was not that far behind the RXP-X260's, we didn't have any ultra260's race but I think they would be on pair with the RXP260's.

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    Which Air Mods ? You mean the Riva Filer kit and SCOM...and then 72-75 ? very nice.

    What is with the S/C Belt ? Change Every 100 HR ? any trouble with it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXP-X 2011 View Post
    Which Air Mods ? You mean the Riva Filer kit and SCOM
    There is a pretty extensive thread that was started by Mal - one of the Forums top contributors - concerning "Air Mods" for the Ultra-300x.

    You should "pick and choose" from these mods - the extent of air you are wanting to allow into the engine compartment (inside the hull). You should also keep in mind that the probability also exists that "water" may also enter through such places as well. Hence "pick and choose" those air modifications that will ultimately suit your riding conditions best.

    Mal's Air Mod Thread is here:

    Concerning the Speed Control Override Module - I used the R&D SCOM vs. the Riva SCOM - as it is easier to install.

    I got my Ultra-300x to 74 MPH thus far - yet there is certainly more speed to extract from it - even without making more changes. I am thinking I can reach 75 MPH with better conditions, less fuel and a little Aussie Luck.

    Just for the record - I also have less than 500 us dollars total in modifications as well.

    Viel Glück - Auf Wiedersehen

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    ok, thank you. DANKE DIR

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