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    Spring washer gaulding

    I took off the sc of the 04 rxp last night to replace washers. I have already done the 05 and everything looked good and it ran great. This one had a couple of gaulded spring washers. What causes this? I don't want to put it back together without finding out. Thanks

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    See if you can post some pics, help us figure out the cause...There should be some witness marks, but if it is what I think it is, and the marks are on the inside, it could be just the washers rubbing each other....

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    OK I will try to post some pics. Thanks

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    How long ago was the last rebuild on the 04??spring washers can spin on the shaft when tension loosens guess it is in the area were the 2 spring washers contact each other..

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    I hope your doing a complete rebuild of the s/c.
    Washers and bearings.
    I've seen too many people just replace the washers and then have a bearing failure and wipe out a lot of vitals on there ski.

    Spend a little more and have no worries for 100 hrs of use.

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