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    '96 GTX restoration, need help

    Thanks for reading this. I'm attempting to restore my girfriend's '96 Sea Doo GTX. It had been sitting in an open field (along with a '94 Polaris SL650 that i recently restored) since about 2004. It looks in surprisingly good shape except for a few things - there's squirrel nesting material scattered along the bottom of the hull, and an overly amount of fogging oil (mixed with other fluids?) coming out of one of the spark plug holes when i tested the compression. My plan right now is to drain the crankcase, replace fuel lines, rebuild carbs, change sparkplugs, and grease everything that needs it, for starters. Is there any sort of checklist available that i should go through?


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    Replace fuel shut off they plug easy and will cause to run lean not enough fuel.

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    Check the wear ring as have seen some crack from sitting over the years.

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    thanks guys!

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