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    Oil in intake after offseason. Pics. :(

    Hi, new to this forum. Appreciate the help.

    On our 98 Seadoo GTS, after an offseason, we have to remove the carb and suck out all the oil in the intake (see pic) - it's full. We actually put the boat on the ground and tip 90 degrees, as well as turn engine over without plugs, to get it all out.

    I'm told that we should clamp the 2 oil lines shown (pic) in the offseason, but even a small amount of oil will prevent the carb pump from sucking gas - won't fire, no gas at the fuel filter. So even if I clamp the lines, there still would be about 4-5" of oil in the line which would eventually find its way down. Agree?

    Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Could have built up pressure and it will cause that plus the one way valve is plugged and not letting the pressure release.

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    The check valves on the oil injection lines, the rotary valve shaft seal or the inner crank seals are leaking.

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    Thanks! Where are the check valves on the oil lines located, the two 90 degree fittings at the bottom of the oil tank? If it is the rotary valve shaft (unsure what that is) or the crank seals, don't think it's worth trying to fix that. Is the only workaround to clamp both oil lines in the pic in the off season?

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    Inner crank seals seeped from rotary gear oil shaft seal-- try adding some engine oil stop leak to your oil injection tank as so it runs through the system and expands the oil seal enough to by you some time. If you do this it will take several outting run hours to work. but it does, i have done.. autozone has some and get the thinnest type they have.

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    The check valves are part of the two small brass fittings on the rotary valve cover, follow the two small oil lines from the oil pump. The engine would have to be removed and torn down to replace the crank seals, the rotary valve shaft seal and check valves can be done in the hull, on a 98 it's not worth spending that kind of money. If you're not having any other problems I would clamp the lines before winter storage there will still be oil in the engine in the spring just not as much. Leave a note or something to remind you to remove the clamps in the spring because if you don't and run the engine without oil it will seize.

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    Crank seals. I don't think I have has a seadoo with a rotary valve that didn't have this problem to some extent

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    Appreciate all the advice! Thank you.

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    My dads 96 gti does the same thing. The crank seals are leaking over the winter. When you start that thing for the first time in the spring she smokes like no tomorrow. Once it clears out though it is fine.

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    I see grey fuel lines. You better fix that too or you won't have to worry about the seeping oil as you will need a whole new engine. When I get one doing that I will remove the oil injection system and go pree-mix in the gas tank. Then loop the rotary lines together and add about 1 oz of oil stop leak and fill the rest with 75/90 gear lube. It's just a band aid but will normally go 3+ more seasons before a total teardown. It's tougher for the thick lube to leak past the seals until the stop leak does it's job. When it starts oil fouling the spark plugs while riding it will have to be fixed.

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