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    gray milky fluid ok raves? help gtx 98 limited over 20 hours trying to fix.

    I was trying to set my oil injection and it looks like they may have had the cable break or something because the oil injection was not on the mark. now i lost settings and my machine is running rough sounding like theres no oil in he bottom half of the motor. im sure its getting oil because im around the same area.
    But what i dont understand is no matter what i do i cant get it to run better.
    and noticed the plugs are always wet. and also theres like a grey milky fulid on the rave valves and plugs.
    changed plugs set gap at 0.022 setup oil pump at factory settings
    low speed screws at 1 1/2 high speed at 0 on mag 1/4 on pto
    my raves are clean.

    starts up pretty easy.
    is there a way to tell if the oil is getting to the crankcase?
    Help me please

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    Could have a little water in oil tank or gas from sweat over the winter .

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    Last year I noticed my 98 started running really sluggish in the mid range and the change happened noticeably fast. One spark plug and one RAVE valve had water beads on them turned out the cylinder base gasket was leaking and washing down one cylinder. I caught it right away before seizure and piston damage replaced the base gasket and it's running great again.

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    prob a gasket.

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