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    Ijsba posts tentative 2013 wf classes

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    i see maybe 4-5 classes that could be combined eliminated

    expert open (if your on an open boat your probably good enough to ride pro so step up)
    expert ltd. you have pro am ltd to run in so why not run in it
    amateur stock. if your an expert running amateur you are probably running pro-am as well.
    the runabout n/a class since its essentially four stroke with stock class rules and 2 stroke ltd why not just run them with the classic ltd runabouts?
    pro runabout gp..... lets face it most of the open boats are borderline GP boats. just eliminate the class differentiation and just call it pro runabout

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    Not everyone wants to run that pro-am open class due to anyone and everyone running it regardless of skill or ski. Plenty of people who don't belong there want a chance at that pro-am world title. I'd say there's far less crazies in expert

    But everything else you said sounds very logical!

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    Where is the Old Man With Slow Ski Class???

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