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    what type of Gas for 2012 Seadoo GTI

    I have a 2004 SeaDoo GTX and just bought a SeaDoo GTI.
    When I bought the GTX the person selling it said to only put Supreme in it.
    Well, just bought the GTI and in the owner's manual it says to put 87 octane in it (regular unleaded).

    I heard putting supreme (91) in it helps the life of the PWC, HP, Engine, Performance etc...

    Can some tell me if any or all of these things are true? Going out for the 1st time on the GTI and want to make sure I take of my baby
    I don't want to put in 91 if it's going to damage my SeaDoo

    PS: watched a lot of videos of riders doing 360s. does anyone know the procedures to perform that move???


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    I don't like running anything with ethanol in it. Locally, that means the 89 octane mid grade. While traveling with the ski that can mean 93 octane premium, or sometimes 87 octane is available ethanol free.

    Typically, higher octane fuels are required to prevent premature ignition, or ping, in higher compression engines, or engines with aftermarket domes that increase the engine's compression.

    Not 100% on a 360, but to do a 180, get on plane, not too much faster. Turn slightly to the right, plant your left foot as far back on the ski as you can and put your weight on it. Sharply turn the bars all the way to the left and goose it. Be prepared to get wet while perfecting it.

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    So, basically ethanol is bad for SeaDoos?
    My manual says " Never use fuel containing more that 10% ethanol or Methanol. The use of a non-recommended fuel can result in decreased engine performance and damage to critical parts in the fuel system and engine"
    HP 130/155 engines OCTANE 87
    HP 251 engine (supercharged Inter-cooled) OCTANE 87 OR OCTANE 91 -[For optimum engine performance]

    I've just read so many threads from other sites that say pay the extra $$ for the higher grade no matter what year or Model as it can help in the long run and can't hurt anything.
    Not sure if there blowing smoke in the air or just giving there opinion?

    I had a 2001 SeaDoo GS 2 Stroke and always put 91 in as it was easier filling up both skis and don't have to remember with gas container contained 87 vs 91

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    Quote Originally Posted by luckyzl230 View Post
    So, basically ethanol is bad for SeaDoos?
    My manual says " Never use fuel containing more that 10% ethanol or Methanol. ...
    There have been multiple threads discussing ethanol blended gasoline. Search should turn them up for you.

    With older machines ethanol can degrade the internal fuel system seals, gaskets and parts, especially on carburetor engines. Newer machines are designed to handle ethanol in the fuel so from that perspective it is ok.

    However, ethanol is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts water vapor and holds it in the fuel. Up to a point. If there is more water than the ethanol can hold in suspension the ethanol compound drops out of the fuel and settles at the bottom of the tank. This is called phase separation and is a bad thing.

    Straight gasoline does not mix with water at all so the ethanol makes for a different result IF there is water in the fuel tank.

    If your fuel system is well sealed and well maintained then the ethanol isn't a big deal, especially if you run the machine frequently and keep burning through the fuel and replacing with fresh.

    During extended storage, having ethanol in the fuel tank makes the fuel more fragile, even with StaBil fuel stabilizer. This is why some owners run ethanol blended gasoline during the riding season, then switch to non-ethanol fuel for the last few tankfuls before putting the machine away for storage.

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