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    Help with purchase i am new to pwc purchasing 2005 fxho

    hey guys hope you can help me ; i am purchasing a 2005 fxho cruiser it only has 35 hrs on it and appears to be true hours my question is do you think it is possible to have only 35 hrs on it being a 2005 purchase price is 5k please your thoughts on this or what i should look for also can hours be changed or disconnected in some way

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    hey guys i posted the thread i am new on here where do i see the thread reponses ..

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    Sure it's possible for it to have 35 hours. I bought a 2003 ski in 2011 that had 52 hours on it. If you're that unsure of the true hours I would say have a mechanic check it out. They can also most likely be able to plug into the "brain" and see if those are the legit hours on it.

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    Got to give some more info, but very possible and should look like it hopefully. You can take it to a dealer and they should be able to verify when ski is plugged in. Ask the seller if they have service records that may state some hour record. Depending where you're located, 5k isn't that great a deal.

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