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    95 900 power trim

    Ok people. question. I have a 95 900, with a power trim. when i bought it, it was working. a few starts later and now it just will make a quick click and nothing happens. is this an easy fix? is it a major problem? anything i can try in the realm of simple to try to fix this or is there nothing simple about this power trim?

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    Probably nothing simple. The trim is a pain to work on, but I've done it several times. The motor and gear mechanism probably have rust inside. You'll have to disassemble it and clean it. I'd bet that the magnets inside the motor have come loose and locked up the motor. Glue them back in place. When you put it all back together, the O-ring on the box is a pain in the butt to install. Use a pair of putty knives between the case halves to work the O-ring in place while you screw the cases together.

    Water can get into the trim system via the cable. Make sure the seal on the back of the 'Ski is good. Replace it with a p/n 49016-3702, and pack it full of waterproof grease when you put it on. Put a tie-wrap on each end to hold it in place.

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