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    94 SLT750 Fuel Downtube gasket

    Doing PM's on my wifes ski and found that both fuel pick up hoses were in very bad condition. I have taken the tank out completely flushed the tank and replaced the pickups. The rubber gasket that goes between the screw on downtube and the neck of the tank is destroyed. I have not been able to find one anywhere so my question is does anyone know if a rubber o-ring will work in place of the gasket? As always thanks in advance!

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    I may have a good used rubber gasket for you, if interested. You could probably go get a piece of rubber and make your own as well.......

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    Thanks BlueFish, I will let you know. I have some FELPRO gasket material laying around and was going to make one but then I was looking at what it seals and it appears that the only actual sealing surface is the exterior area around the threads. Have an o-ring that seems to fit but didn't know if anyone had experience with this issue. I will let you know if I need the stock gasket.

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