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    4 tech block differences

    Hi guys, my 2006 RXP threw the number 3 rod out the side of the block. Luckily the failure happened only about half throttle. I pulled the engine out and disassembled it. The super charger is ok, the head is just fine, somehow the piston did not hit it and the crankshaft survived without a mark. The only things damaged were the block and the counter balance shaft was cut into. I have to much money in this thing just to scrap so I want to find a block and start over. I studied the broken rod and you can see several chevrons where a crack developed and finally broke. I will probably do some major upgrading to the internals. My question is what are the differences in the 4 tech engines?? What years should i be looking for?? I will be using the parts that survived, of course new rods and pistons and probably all new valve train. This was a 80+ mph ski running with stock internals and had 258 hours on it when she blew so i can't exactly complain although I wished it hadn't blowed up. I know used blocks are far and few between so any help would be grateful. Gonna take me a while to save up a few thousand to fix her but I want to just about bullet proof her no matter how long it takes. Thanks.

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    i think the blocks are the same minus the oil restrictor in the 04-05 which you can take out.

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    There is a thread called "mixing and matching blocks" that ought to be a sticky that has this info. You can use any year block, but if you use a 2005 or earlier block, then you must remove the oil restrictor from top of block, and drill a 1/2" or so hole just above and left of the bearing boss behind where the balancer gear is. (The hole is needed because of the rear breather change in 2006)

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