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    2001 Polaris Genesis i - No start, nobody home

    just bought a genesis i was told it is an 2001 model , put a battery in and nothing happens , no dash lights , no bilge , no cranking nothing at all is there another key or just the lanyard ?
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    The model year should not be a mystery, as it is the last two digits of the HIN number plate on the rear deck.

    Are you sure you hooked the battery polarity up correctly? Negative battery post to the heavy black cable, which runs to the engine ground bolt.

    Did you buy this as a running watercraft, or with known problems?

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    polaris genesis help please

    just bought a polaris genisis i was told it was a 2001 and not going , put a battery in it and nothing happened , if i hook a wire from the earth on the battery to where all the black wires come from in the box with the fuses in i get the dash to liven up , it cranks and trys to start (fires ) but , the plugs are dry so doesnt seem to be getting fuel or enuff fuel , it only does anything with the extra earth wire , been reading posts all day , it gets only 20 volts when cranking which apparently is low , sorry im new and have no idea what im doing or where to start , i do have a helpful friend tho please help any ideas and advise be awesome thanks

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    Start by removing and cleaning every engine ground. You want clean metal to metal contact. Clean the bolt, the hole, the wire ends. Check each black wire for damage or breaks.

    The main ground point is on the engine lower left rear. There is another ground at the forward ignition coil. See my signature links for how to improve the Ficht ignition coil grounding.

    These engines require a specific spark plug, no substitutes. NGK PZFR6H only.

    Make sure the battery is strong and healthy, a weak battery will complicate the diagnostics.

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    sorry having trouble with comp now just not my week

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    thanks for the reply , i bought it as not running and with no spark an no dash working , all the electrical boxes have been moved so dont know where there even ment to be , i can see the earth wire has been broken off the coil and have placed a new earth right to battery , when i add an earth from the battery to the electrical box earth spades i get dash lights and it trys to fire the caps were off the spark plugs also so dont know the correct order ??? , has 21 volts at the injectors while cranking an it trys to fire so it has some spark have read and read but dont really know where to start , have got a led bulb an resistor to do your test in other links , do you think this will help me

    and sorry struggling with the site i cant find my posts and it doesnt notify me of replys

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    dont have a manual but have just ordered 1 of them as well

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    bettin cdi or test stator 1st..

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    Quote Originally Posted by polarisjunky View Post
    bettin cdi or test stator 1st..
    There is no CDI. Its a DI

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