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    2003 gp 1300 part out

    I have a complete ski I need to part out I never use it I'm to busy

    Throttle bodies injectors and rival air box $400.00 + shipp

    Cylinder head not perfect $100.00+shipp

    Exhaust manifold $50+ shipp

    Exhaust chamber $75+shipping

    #1 cylinder with piston great shape 15hrs $450+ship

    #3 cylinder w piston great shape 5hrs $450+ship

    Case both sides with crankshaft $800.00+ship

    Stator cover with stator $150.00+shipp

    Wiring harness great shape $250.00+ship

    Gas tank bare $50.00+ship

    Oil tank $30.00+ship

    Battery box $25.00+ship

    Water box $50.00 +ship

    Ecu computer $400.00+ship

    Fuel pump $300.00+ship

    Last but not least gauges 165hrs $350.00+ship

    You can reach me at 727-902-6702 I'm not a parts dealer I'm just trying to get some money back out of it I looked up these prices on ebay.if you think something's priced wrong lmk so I can fix it. Thanks for looking.

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    sent a PM to you if you still have this let me know.


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