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    Throttle valve

    I have just bought a Yamaha FXHO 1800 used with 73 hours and took it out for the first time, I was out jumping swell of around 5 feet when the ski suddenly died, There was no life at all in the ski so i had to be towed back to the slipway,

    The dealer took the ski back to the workshop and one of the fuses had blown, a 20amp i think, they replaced the fuse and plugged in the lap top, a throttle valve fault was showing so they took a new throttle valve of one of there new skis and fitted to mine, They took me down the slipway and the ski seemed fine although only out for 20 mins or so

    I am just posting to see if this is a common fault that you guys may have come across or a sign of something more serious, your advice would be much appreciated

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