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    Thoughts on a 2008 FX HO

    Anyone with any experience with this model? Whats the good, bad, and the ugly on it? What type of top speed can I expect?

    Found one with pretty low hours (65) and wondering if I should chase it down.

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    Sorry, I was asking bout an HO not and SHO. Thanks for the help

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    BTW, I believe in 2008, the HO had the small motor and not the 1.8L. But, I believe its a higher output version and makes 160 hp. Does this sound correct?

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    2008 still had the smaller motor. Its a marine based R1 engine. Reliable and durable.

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    The 2008 HO has the 1052cc four cylinder, four-stroke MR-1 Engine;
    it's good for about 59-60 mph stock.

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    Great ski.....a very good all rounder, not as fast as some of todays models, but very reliable with good fuel economy. Expect an average of 120 miles per tank. Good hull when the going gets a little rough, will tow no problem.

    Maintenance is easy to do yourself, just make sure to never overfill the oil (dry sump). If well maintained the MR1 will give you hundreds of hours of use!

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    I would do a compression check and make sure it hits 59 or 60 on the water. I have an 06 which is the same motor and have 112 trouble free hours. Be careful removing and re-installing the sparks plugs, they are small and can break if you over tighten them.

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    I've got an 08 FX HO. Its the only model year where you find the Nanoxcel hull combined with the 160 HP MR1 engine. The lighter Nano hull makes the ski ride a little higher in the water than the older FX HOs that share the same engine. The result is a little different ride (what I'd call more sporty) and a little more speed. I've clocked mine at 61.5 mph on the GPS with minimal fuel in the tank and perfect water conditions. This is a mile or two faster than my brothers 06 FX HO which has the exact same engine.

    I added a R&D intake grate and did the pump seal kit. The result is better hook up in the chop, but no speed increase.

    I'd say go for it. 65 hours is practically new.

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    Thanks guys! Just the feedback I wanted!

    Dealer is asking $7k for it and ran it through their shop. Its the cruiser model with the seat. They sell all the three major brands of skis. I am sure I can get a few hundred knocked-off, but I will be honest, the market is strong and no one is really budging on price on anything around here. Price is right inline with kbb/nada from what I can tell. Price to me seems like its not a steal, but right where it needs to be.

    Does not have a was a trade. So, I will likely bet at $7500 out the door. I am "ok" with that if the ski is good.

    It's not a perfect ski from what I can see, but in very good shape. I would say typical of the year and hours.

    I am also thinking new, but a new one will run between $13 and $14k. The way I see it, I could own this used machine for 3 to 6 years and loose 2g on it tops. or, buy new and loose three times that.

    I need to see what's missing from this model that the 13's have.

    60 mph is right where I want to be on the top-end.

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