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    C clip popped off shaft...water came in fast!

    I have 05 RXP. The C clip that retains the support ring that the Carbon seal spins against popped off while riding. Luckily we weren't in deep water. It would have sank. Still got water half way up on engine. No water in the oil, but did ingest some water. Have not turned motor over yet til I can make sure no water in the intake manifold. Has anyone ever had a C clip come off allowing the support ring to slide forward and water just pours in around the shaft? This may never happen again. Could I not add a hose clamp in front of the support ring to make sure this doesn't happen again? Any thoughts? comments welcome SJ

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    Having Fun jp1300r's Avatar
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    I have seen it happen twice while riding with a group. Once on a RXP and an old 1999 GTX Limited. Has the ski been apart lately?

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    worn groove on the driveshaft?

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    Steve STSPERFORMANCE's Avatar
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    I put 2 on now one on top and bottom

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    To things Either a worn groove driveshaft and or you have too much shaft play front to back in which caused by.

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    inspect the groove, and clip for wear(replace if necessary), and get a speed freaks Bellow band to add tension to the accordian boot.

    OH, and definately add a good Bilge pump...

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    Quote Originally Posted by STSPERFORMANCE View Post
    I put 2 on now one on top and bottom
    Cut an old c clip in half to complete the circle.

    Placing a clamp on the shaft is a bad idea because it would throw the balance off and wreck havoc.

    A worn shaft may be your real problem as Scott suggests.

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    Time to remove the drive shaft / pump setup and make a surface drive!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by STSPERFORMANCE View Post
    I put 2 on now one on top and bottom
    me too.....

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    How much play should there be front to back ? It moved backwards bout qtr. inch when I slide the ring back towards the bellows. It has tension because of the o rings. I understand about the balance issue of adding a hose clamp. The ring has a groove on the inside edge all way around. It should be perfectly round shouldn't it? I have not seen one before to know. I've ordered two new ones. Like the idea of putting two on.

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