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    96 waveraider problems

    i have a 96 wave raider that is giving me issues, sometimes i get hard starts and then after it warms up its fine. but when i rev it on the trailer it gets stuck going wot and stays reving for a bit then will slowly drop down to a nice idle.

    carbs have been rebuilt and cleaned, new plugs and have good compression

    i took the intake silencer off and put my hands over the carbs and i can feel air being blown up from the carburator and the other one is fine sucking air down what do i need to check ? im at a lost cause im affraid to ride it incase it gets stuck in wot, when key is removed it still wot reving....

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    it wont get stuck wot in water with a load. Typically the WOT on trailer equals an air leak, either between the carbs and motor or sometimes the crank seals. What i would check first is make sure the throttle cable isn't getting stuck or binding up keeping it at WOT. So when it happens keep an eye on that and make sure it returns to idle position. If it does and the butterfly's close then you have an air leak somewhere. Typically the rear seal is a good easy spot to check, remove the PTO cover(2 10mm bolts) and you can easily see if the seal is popped out. This should give you a decent starting point.

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    I agree with what demented said. To add to it, when it does start if it is idling normal try using the idle adjustment to bring it down even more and then up alittle bit. You should be able to basically kill it if you unscrew it far enough and should be able to raise the rpms a good bit when tightening it. If it doesnt respond to you messing with the idle adjustment screw at all when it is "idling" on the trailer then it definitely has a air leak somewhere.

    On my 1100 when my rear seal blew out all it would do when i tried starting it was go straight to wot. Literally the instant it fired it would go straight to wide open without me even touching the throttle. Got a new rear seal in and sealed the case up good and haven't had an issue since with air leaks.

    Also on a side note, jetskis idle higher out of the water then they do in the water due to the lack of resistance since the impeller is basically free spinning in air. So it will respond faster, hold rpms a little longer when you let off the throttle and also overheat fast if it isnt hooked up to a water source.

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    easy way to check crank seals is pull the pto cover, let idle and squirt starting fluid on the seal, if it revs, seals bad.

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    One of my '96 XPs was experiencing lean runaway after I rebuilt the carbs. Tried all sorts of things including checking the throttle cable and messing with the low speed screw. Nothing helped so I determined that something must be wrong inside one (or both) of the rebuilt carbs.

    As I was unbolting the PTO carb, I noticed the bolts weren't real tight. Pretty snug but not near as tight as I would have expected myself to tighten them down. Next I went to unbolt the mag carb and the bolts were in finger tight ! Needless to say, I tightened everything back up properly and restarted the engine. No more lean runaway.

    Not saying that anyone else would have as big of a brain fart as myself but it might be worth checking.

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