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    FZR with VX plate shims?

    What are most guys who use the VX plate on a FZR using shim wise? Mine came with .090 on the front only, which makes the plate just about level on the front to the transom plate. However I have a high speed bounce, and bought a Farthing plate(which fits perfectly BTW). I know it can be run with our without stock shims, but don't know whether to use only a shim at front or stock full length shims. Any experience will be greatly appreciated, as my lake time is limited and its usually kinda rough for testing and comparisions.

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    Stock shims is was it was intended to use, start with that and add or subtract to your liking

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    when you shim the plate upfront its better to leave a very slight recess because sometimes leaving a bit out will cause that bounce.

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    No shims on my modified VX plate. Very very little bounce--usually when I am low on gas going faster than 70.

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