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    Piece of a block in the hull

    After my maiden test run I found a chunk of engine block in the hull. Flat chunk about 1.5" square. The previous engine had grenaded and it is possible this was somehow stuck up by the fuel tank somewhere in the bow and came loose while riding and made its way back. I did look at the new block to see if there was a hole but I have trouble seeing everything. The engine seems to be running OK. Is it possible to have an engine run OK with a 1.5" square piece of block out of it? Should I pull it out of the hull again to look it over?

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    Not possible to be running properly. Have seen one "run", but will see spent oil and engine will possibly be knocking as the rod knocked the chunk out.

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    Probably should take the whole motor back out just to be sure. JK

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    I might do a compression check. If numbers ok, call it good.

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