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    Garmin Montana 650T review

    This year I decided I wanted a new GPS for my ski. I wanted something more versatile than the typical handheld GPS that are available. After looking long and hard, I decided to give the Garmin Montana 650T a shot. I liked the fact that it has a beautiful 4"screen with lots of color and shows lots of detail in bright sun. I also like that it is still small enough to stick it in your pocket to carry around, or move it to a different vehicle. It comes preloaded with TOPO U.S. 24K maps with amazing detail and mine even has the birds eye satellite imagery. You can use the rechargeable batteries included with the unit, or carry 4 extra AA batteries as a backup. The image on the screen rotates from portrait to landscape as you move your hand, very similar to an Iphone. Another nice feature is that it has a micro SD slot so you can buy the optional Blue chart navigation program for even better details of where your at and where you're going. I almost forgot to mention my favorite feature. It has a built in 5mp camera in the unit as well. surprisingly it takes really good pictures. No more digging around for the cell phone or another device to snap those quick pics, and have to worry about getting your camera wet or covered with sand. I simply mounted mine on the glove box door on my Sea Doo with a RAM mount, and even given it's slightly bulky size you still have full access to your glove compartment. Other than the RAM mount, the only other accessory I got with it was what they call a gizmo vest. Consider your gizmo vest as a shock absorbing floating life jacket for your GPS or cell phone. Pretty cheap at around $35, and a nice insurance policy to have IMO. The only draw back I can see with this package is the cost. For the GPS, RAM mount, and Gizzmo vest, I have roughly $700 invested in it. Would I spend that much money on it again now that I have it? In the blink of an eye. I think Garmin hit a home run with this unit. I will include some links below to the unit and Gizzmo vest for anybody who might be interested. I hope you all enjoy this write up. Let me know what yŠll think. Gizzmo vest is

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    Can you read details on the marine charts when running at speed on the water?

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    My friend has a Montana and it looks to be a very nice unit.

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    I took a look at it... it's a real fine unit... currently I am using a discontinued model called the Colorado 400C.. I primarily use it on the water it has all my charts, buoy markers and everything that I would want on the water. I believe that with some fumbling I can get it to change over from my lakes/oceans to a simple TOPO so if I feel like a little Geocaching on land I can do that.. good luck with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Can you read details on the marine charts when running at speed on the water?
    Yes. very clear to see names, bouys, etc.

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    JRob, thanks for the write-up on top of the thread. I was curious if you're able to load up any of the trails from my site and the interface to do so. Just curious...

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