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    Leg bone connected to the.... Power-valve!

    2001 GP1200R.

    Tonight was just admiring/readying the ski for tomorrow's activities, when I noticed this cable was loose from where it was supposed to be. The apparently is how the PVs get pulled for lower power/RPM operation.

    I have no clue how long this cable was disconnected for; but what if any issues, problems, or symptoms would I have felt/seen on the water? I can tell you this - hot starting is a little rough without blipping the throttle.

    Guess I'll give it a go tomorrow now that its properly connected

    Pics coming

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    Just adjusted the cables per servce manual. They were very, very loose and required about 3~4 full turns on the 10mm nuts. Definately one fell off, and not 100% positive the valves were going in/out 100% stop-to-stop. The previous owner had Wave Eater clips installed, and the valves are free to move (no binding or grit).

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    you should see the difference big time.

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    You aint kidding!

    Last weekend on glass the ski went 65mph and that was with the PV cable off and UN-adjusted I think the PV was working in one direction (WOT) but not the other, and wasnt as tight as it could have been. I actually had the gut feeling something wasn't completely right that day.

    After fixing the cable I saw 66mph on medium chop. My butt dyno approves the added mid-range and mine was the fastest ski of those who wanted to race.

    /thumbs up to free horsepower and self maintenance!

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    Just fyi if your having issues starting it hot your probably due for a carb rebuild. Shouldnt be any issues hot starting.
    By any chance is there any difference starting it now with the pv's closed during start?

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    With PVs closing full now, hot starts are not any better off. Is this a sign of one particular component in the carbs starting to give trouble, or something else perhaps?

    I was planning to rebuild the carbs end-of-season, while at it I was planning to do the following. I'm kind of a one time get everything done at once person, but if the carbs are needing rebuild right now then I'll probably change this plan:

    1. Flame arresters
    2. Jet kit and full parts to match the mods
    3. Reed upgrade
    4. Upgraded prop
    5. Hull reinforcements

    I already have Riva intake grate, T-Handles needing to be installed, DPlate/chip, and a pump seal kit.

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