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    2000 GP1200r with a 65u.

    Hello everyone... I am new to the forum and I just purchased a gp1200r with a 65u conversion. Everything is done but the previous owner put the front cover and electrical box off a 1100 wave venture. It fires up but don't know if I should be running it like that? I would think something can go bad. Also my gauges don't work, I am guessing because the front cover is not the one? All the help would be great.. Thanks

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

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    Thanks bud..

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    It would be better to run the 65u electronics, I'd think. Any reason to think its not a 65U and is an 1100?

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    You got a point Cutlass, but the carbs are 65u. Any way I can find out if its for sure a 65u?

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    the 1100 case has one pulse fitting, the 65U case has 3. Someone could add 2 pulse fittings to a 1100 case, though. next thing to check would be the pistons. they should say 65u on the top. Its visible with the head off or maybe with a bore scope.

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    if you take off head just measure the bore..i mean the main differences are electronics bore and carbs..if you take an 1100 bore to 84 and add 44mm carbs all you're really missing is the better 1200 electronics..

    As far as the pulse fittings, i would look at them, you should be able to tell if they are in fact tapped vs stock

    Have you gps'd this yet ? im curious about this because i want to build a new motor for my raider and i LOVE the gpr hull and was considering swapping my 1100 into a gpr hull for the girl to ride..thanks!

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    What's up guys... I finally got it in to the shop. It is a 99 gp1200 engine with the 1100 wave venture electronics. Engine is out and I already ordered the 65u electronics and front cover with stator.
    Thanks for the help Cutlass.

    No I haven't GPS'd the ski yet. I bought it with the conversion and I'm just trying to finish it the rite way but I will keep you posted once I do. Everyone is telling me it should do low 60's. About what you want to do it's possible but the only thing you mite have a problem with is the gauges. At least my 99 gauges fit perfect on the gpr hull. Look into it.. by what all mechanics are telling me it's not as fast as the gpr but its a very reliable engine and cheap to fix.

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    yea i love the 63m/65u, my 63m has over 400hrs and still kicking. I wouldn't guess that fast honestly, most the gp hulls didn't hit 60 stock, i would guess 55-57 which i still think will be plenty of fun. Plus you'll save a lot of gas vs the 1200/1300r motor. I would recommend getting some F/A's and bumping the compression up to get that hull going a bit faster. Also i would look into the prop situation, maybe call Dave at Impros to see what he recommends. Since its not standard setup not sure what prop you have or whats best.

    Could you give a bit more info if you know, what midshaft and drive shaft used for this?...also whats the waterbox setup. Thanks!

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