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    Took my new 2011 STX-15F and 2011 Ultra 300 LX out for the first time this year

    To all,

    Was able to get out finally for the first time with my new 2011 STX-15F to see how it would do. I was very happy with the results. Much different then my 2011 Ultra 300LX but in a good way, simply, gental (compared to the 300), just a fun ski to ride, no fuss, no stress, just fun riding. Put a couple hours on it working on the engine break in before some heavier use later this summer.

    While I was at the lake, and since she was there with me, I just had to unload my Ultra 300LX and take her out for a warm up after the oil change and service I just had done just to make sure all was well.

    Got her warmed up good and then made some WOT passes. Have a couple questions for you guys:

    1. On wide open throttle runs, RPMs topped out at 7500 rpms. This seems pretty low for what I am hearing you should get for a stock 300. There was about a 4-5" chop on the water, 73 degree temp. Are these RPMs low?

    2. Max boost topped out at around 13 lbs at max RPMs. Again, I thought I had heard that boost should be +15 lbs so this seems pretty low as well. Curious what I should be seeing for max boost in those conditions.

    Again, my ski is totally stock. I am not really complaining about the performance, its still way more then I could ever need but I am more concerned with if there is something wrong. The ski launches very hard from the start, speed gain is dramatic, do not feel any cavitation issues, to the best of my knowledge but that does not mean much with my experience level.

    Last summer, I had two situations where I sucked up some small rocks at the lake. One just clanked once and was shot out, the other got stuck for a bit longer but did work its way out. Did not notice any change in performance after that but there may have been some issues. I can see some minor scratching on the jet sidewalls but nothing severe, again at least what I would call severe.

    Anyway, wondering if I have a problem with this level of RPMs at WOT and with only around 13 lbs of boost at WOT. Thanks for your help guys.

    Again, not unhappy with performance at all, just want to make sure the ski is working as it should be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lasportsmn View Post
    That is all a stock 300 without the SCOM turns. It I limited to the 7500. The boost level on the dash is what all new limited skis show.
    Yep, 100% stock, well that makes me feel a little better that its topping out in RPM where it should be. So around 13 lbs boost is also where I should be. I see the scale on the dash goes up to around 17 lbs. At times my guage may spike to 14 lbs but at WOT it pretty much settles in at 13 lbs throughout the entire speed range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lasportsmn View Post
    Even with the rpms I turn I have never seen it all the way to 17. Pretty much everyone including me with a bone stock 300 only see the 13+- boost.
    You are fine so just keep enjoying your toys.
    Thanks so my for your information and piece of mind. As I mentioned, I could not be happier with the 300 Ultra LX and really getting to like the 15F in a hurry as well. Again, thanks for your time.

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