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    Thanks to everyone who ever posts!

    I must thank everyone who ever posts a question or an answer/suggestion on this forum! Special thanks to K447, BlueFish and Keddano for all thier continuing support of those of us who are trying to learn the ins and outs of our skis. It is nice to be able to ask a question of those with similiar issues or those who have the knowledge to guide us through the process. The wealth of information that you all have compiled on this page is truely unbelievable. While I may not post many questions or solutions I sure spend alot of time lurking. I just went through the process of trying to get a slt750 running properly. By researching the pages here and cross referencing the Polaris dealer service manual I once again have a ski that appears to be working correctly. The only advice I have for fellow lurkers is buy the actual Polaris service manual and spend time researching on this forum for your answers. It is amazing what you will learn for when something else jumps up in the water.

    Thanks again to all!

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    Ride it like you stole it!!!!!!

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