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    Need Serious Help - Fuel Leak = fire

    Trying to get my XP and GSI in shape to sale. First off, I have not been able to get the XP's oil pump or the fuel system to prime. Fine..I converted to premix on the oil. Now the fuel system I pulled the hoses and put a bicycle pump into the return and pumped till I had fuel coming out the feed. Put it all back together and it fired and ran. Found a leak at the return line - pulled and tightened down the clamp, put it all back together and it fired and ran again. Found a fuel leak at the crossover. Stopped motor and cut new hose and re-installed. I checked again after pumping through and did not find any leaks. hit the starter and pow fire in the hull. After getting the fire put out I found a leak at the return hose again. I am stumped. Any ideas? I care not to be riding or to sale a bomb. Obstruction or a type of syphoning problem?

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    any suggestions?

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    Replace the fuel lines. The reason it didn't prime was probably from fuel leaks. Also, make sure the lines are the right size.

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    I believe you are correct. I've changed from the grey lines to regular fuel lines...thinking the one at the return area is the culprit.

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    I suggest following the shop manual instructions on a fuel pressure test. Don't sell that machine or ride it until it passes. This is a very dangerous situation!!!!

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