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    DESS and starting prob

    So if I slowly place the key on the DESS post without it fully engaging the ski will energize, gauges self check and 1 long beep as if the DESS is bad. Once the key is fully on I get the 4 regular beeps and the ski will start normally. If I put the key on the DESS quickly everything will energize, self check and 2 beeps then 4 beeps aand starts as it normally should. I am guessing either the key or post is going bad or is this normal and I am slow? I would think if I got the 1 long beep the ski wouldn't start but it does.

    Other intermittent issue is sometimes the ski will start right up on the first try other times I have to crank it for a few seconds, let it go and then try again and it will start the second try. Did this about 50% of the time last year. This year the first time I took it out it did not happen at all about 2hrs of riding 1/2tank fuel. The second time I had it out it happened 3-4 times. Plugs are new and look good maybe a little lean. Injectors seem ok, I did the drip test as outlined in the manual, also changed the fuel filters last year. Any thoughts?

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    It's probably the dess going bad.

    It wouldn't hurt to run a double dose of fuel Injector cleaner thru it.

    You might get another good season out of the dess...
    The dess can have multiple issues before completely dumping on you.

    Rip on....

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    I almost think the contacts on the key are worn. There is a slight dimple on the center contact. Going to have a new key made, if it persists then I will also change the DESS. Just weird how it will power up even if the center contact isn't made yet.
    The first time I went out on the ski this year the fuel had Stabil in it from winterizing and new plugs, it ran great. Ran down to half tank. Topped off the fuel and hit the water again, ran great but started to have the intermittent starting problem. Gonna run it again see what happens. If it is still happening I will change the plugs again, see what happens. I justbought some injectors from a member here, will try those if the plugs dont help. My plugs seemed a little lean(white), assuming it was from ridding WOT for a while. This seem normal or am I looking at a new fuel pump and reg.? Thinking about just putting in the Walbro but not sure if it is to much with stock ski and reg.?

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