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    Starting fluid on Weber turbo engine?

    Simple question... One of my 2004 MSX150 will not fire up.

    Got the battery all charged up, and it just turns over.

    I gotta check for spark first, but assuming there is, I was going to spray some starting fluid, but where do I even spray it?
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    Do not spray starting fluid into any Polaris engine. Starting fluid is hard on the engine and is usually not needed.

    If you feel you must prime with gasoline, first understand why you are priming the engine. Why is the fuel system not delivering fuel in the normal manner?

    What diagnostic information will you have if the engine does start with starting fluid?

    For most cases, if priming is the appropriate thing to be doing, prime with a small quantity of gasoline.

    For 2-stroke engines, prime with pre-mixed gasoline + 2-stroke oil. Squirt or dribble a small amount down each carburetor or throttle body throat.

    Lean away from the engine air intakes while pressing the start button. If the engine backfires up and out the air intakes you do not want to be leaning over it!

    The Turbocharged Weber engine is complex and I would not be priming it with fuel until you have done a bunch of diagnostics.

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    While I'm not afraid to use starting fluid on the occasional lawn mower or weedwacker... I wouldn't use any on the Weber motor.

    It's fuel injected... so if the fuel pump primes and the ECU tells the injector to squirt... it'll start. No need for starting fluid. It's not like the carb'ed 2-stroke models where sometimes you can get the fuel pumps to prime and start pumping if you can get the engine to run for a few seconds. As K said above... in those instances drizzle a little premix down the carbs for that.


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    IF it NEEDS starter fluid, something is wrong......

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    there is likely a problem with the fuel system, are you sure to fuel with the proper quality gas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluefishcrisis View Post
    if it needs starter fluid, something is wrong......
    very very very


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    Starting fluid is for tractors on cold days... enough said...

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