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    Do I have a bad CDI or bad post

    I am working on a buddies 2002 Seadoo GTX with the 951 motor. Last year at the end of the season, his exhaust rattled off the engine and flooded his engine department. The ski ran fine once that was fixed but now there is a new problem this year. When I put the key in, I don't get any beep. I was thinking maybe its a bad post so I went out and got a new post for it. Hooked that up and nothing. Machine doesn't even beep. The new post i got has 4 wires but the post on the machine has 3. I matched up the colors but that didn't work. So here is the thing, i think its the CDI and not the post. I can jump the solinoid in the back and she turns over no problem. Nothing happens when i put in the key. Is there a way to test if i have a bad computer? Heres another reason why I am thinking its the CDI. I just bought a brand new battery. Charged it all up, installed it no problem. Next day the battery is down to 4 voltes. Something is drawing voltage.

    Thanks again for your help

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    951 carberated-- yellow top deck and black bottom?

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    Yes sir thats the one! Sorry forgot to leave that detail out. Carbed engine. Yellow top and black hull

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    I was talking to a friend of mine who works on theses. He asked me if the MPEM was blowing fuses. Fortunately its not blowing fuses. He said that he has never seen one go back that wasn't blowing fuses. He pointed me toward the solenoid. What do you guys think?

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    No one huh?

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    mpem most likely, but putting your mpem into another ski and seeing if the problem moves from your machine to the other is advised. PM sent.

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    Try another solenoid from another ski, I have seen these to not get power to the mpem .

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