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    2003 Sportster 4-tec Steam/Smoke Is this nornal.

    Sorry about all of the silly questions, but I need to be sure this is normal. This boat is new to me, so I do not know what to expect. I was pulling a tube yesterday and it looks like there is some steam coming out of the exhaust or being created by the exhaust. Is this normal. I have never noticed this my my skis. I even have a GTI with the same 155 motor. I took it out without the tube and there was less steam, but was still there at certain speeds. I think that it is steam and not smoke because it dissipates quickly and there is no odor. Is this normal or should I be concerned? I have had other Jet Boats and never thought anything of it because they were all 2 strokes.

    Any ideas, John

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    I just bought an 03 155 sportster and just posted the same question. I'm guessing its bad. Here's a video I took of it yesterday. Sounds like the same problem.

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    The steam is normal, you have hot gasses mixed with water cooling your hot exhaust......that makes steam. Now here in TX I see very little bc the water temps and air temps are in the 90's but I still see it at low speeds and when blasting out the water after riding. In cooler weather and water, I would assume you would see a lot more. I would only be concerned if you were loosing coolant though.

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