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    Break in on 13 gti 155

    What is the break in on this ski? I'm pretty sure I've not followed anything they recommend lol. I've always built motors for cars and usually just drove em how I normally would. They always held up. Just wondered what sea doo recommends. Thanks in advance

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    Sea-Doo watercraft have a recommended break in period of 10 hours. When engines are new it needs a wear-in timeframe to ensure optimum peformance. During this period you should operate the boat at different RPM levels from low to high. During the initial break-in, don’t run the boat wide open. Refrain from jamming the throttle forward and caving into your passengers wishes of “Let’s open this baby up and see what she can do!” You will find plenty of time for that later.
    The ski is factory programmed "limited' during the 10 hour break in period from what I understand so you really can't hurt it.

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