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    2001 seadoo gtx di fuel pressure issue!!

    2001 951 di.
    fuel filter new
    fuel pump filter/sock new
    fuel system cleaned.
    injectors clean
    ski has no codes on mpem.
    problem is the ski runs perfect for 5-10 min then i am loosing fuel pressure and after the motor cools the pressure come back.
    27-30 psi with key on
    105-110 psi while running until ski warms up ?? while riding the pressure suddenly drops ...
    bad fuel pump or ???

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    Yes, bad fuel pump. It's very common for an electric fuel pump to fail and have those exact symptoms. Also common for the '01-'03 pumps to fail at any time after about 80 hours. I just put a new aftermarket pump in an '02 yesterday only to find out the new pump hangs up after a couple starts. From my research Highflowfuel is the only one making an aftermarket replacement specifically for the requiremants of the DI. I'm waiting to hear back from them about my doa pump and hopefully get a proper working one quickly.

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    Ya sounds like the fuel pump. I just bought an aftermarket fuel pump off of Highflowfuel and it was just a bad idea. The pump worked for one start up then didn't after that, so I sent it back and got a refund. For fuel pumps I would stick with the oem setup. I just got a used one off ebay for $301 w/60 hours on it.

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