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    I'm a tad mad at myself!!!!


    I've recently bought a gp1200r 2001

    I got it cheap and was well happy, I've never had a ski before and after taking it out a couple of time was hooked, I found this forum and loved the info I found out. Then it started playing up I did all the normal checks plugs, fuel filter etc, then found a bad earth on it so fixed that and took it out for a run and it died the worst death! Took the head off and jug on number 3 and it was a mess!! Piston shot and so was the jug, I noticed a lot of just petrol at the bottom of the engine so read up on here and spoke to the last owner and he forgot to tell me it had been converted to premix!!!!!!!
    So that will be why it died!! And not knowing anything about jet skis I never thought to ask or check, so now I've had to get new piston and rings so doing a top end rebuild and carbs re done.

    what I'm trying to figure out is is running premix more expensive as surely your going to have to put more oil in each time you fill up, sure this way you know oil is getting to the engine, should I stick to this or go back to stock?? I would love to know what seasoned pros think.

    Thanks in advance
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    Premix is more expensive day to day. But on a powervalve 1200 it is recommended. Accessing, maintaining, and inspecting oil hoses on a PV1200 is a pain so most people recommend premix. On some other skis accessing, maintaining, and inspecting is a 5 second deal...not so on a PV1200.
    That being said...if done correctly...there isn't anything wrong with sticking with oil injection and if it were mine...I would stick with oil injection. but I'm not worried about the extra effort here and there to maintain it.
    It 100% up to you what you are comfortable with and what you wanna do.

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    I prefer mixing. I had a gp800r before and oil line came off. I was also a noob at the time and didn't know about checking things like this so surely i could of caught it ahead of time but i didn't. With premixing however, i dont have to worry about it. Yes i may spend a little more time filling up but i make sure i have the right amount and im on my way. The down side is for a couch, sometimes its nice to just cruise and go for long trips and you can hit a gas station on the water and just fill up, but with premix its either not possible or you have to carry some extra oil with you and try shaking the ski up to mix there's def pros and cons to it...I'd leave it though, its already done.

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