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    GP800R motor fitment question

    Hey Guys, i got a GP800R hull, and some one told me that i can fit a GP1200 motor in it from a 98. a 65U Non PV motor. Do the engine mount holes nine up? i got this Hull for free, and id like to put in something bigger than a PV800... what are my other options without modifications?
    id like to build this ski to run tripple pipes.

    many thanks in advance.


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    800 and 1200 have different mounting locations

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    What year hull is it? the PV800 came in 2 different hulls.

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    I believe he has the later gp 800, since the original gp800 was just that..gp800, the later one was the gp800r hull. So by that id guess he has the gpr hull vs the gp hull

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    I saw a guy put one of the 1200 non-pv engines in a yamaha waveblaster. (you should have more room in your gp800, right) He didn't redo any mounts, he just made a thick aluminum plate and bolted it to the original motor mounts, then attached the 1200 engine to the plate somehow. Of course I couldn't see the lower part while it was in the ski, and I didn't hear the entire details, but the blaster was awesome with that engine. Where there is a will there is always a way.

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