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    Mikuni sbn 44 fuel pump gasket help!

    Folks I rebuilt my what I believe is a Mikuni SBN 44 for my 1995 Waveblaster. It seems the rebuild kit and parts diagram have extra gaskets for both sbn 38 and 44. For the square fuel pump its very confusing. The parts diagram for the SBN 44 shows (1) damper gasket and (1)damper diaphragm yet there was no paper gasket on carb when I disassembled it--just a diaphragm. Also--on the other side of the pump body it shows a flat "o "ring but I only have a clear plastic square sheet for that area. Certainly not an "o "ring. Any help determining how many paper gaskets (If any) and diaphragm for an SBN 44 is greatly appreciated!!!!Thanks !!

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    Yep...its confusing. and somewhat incorrectly represented in the sheet they provide.

    It goes: Cover, thick paper gasket, clear diaphram. Oring on the pump body if it has the oring groove. Otherwise its another thick paper gasket. Then pump body, then thin rubbery gasket

    Post some pics if you need more help

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    wow---that's exactly what was on carb--the diagram is garbage! mislead me. thanks so much I think im good now! vroom! (I hope)

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