Ok so I just picked up a 1991 x2 but it has a motor and carb from an older ski so it's a 28mm with remote fuel pump. I have a 38mm Keihin from a newer x2 but I when I tried to swap it I realized it wasn't going to work. First issue: the opening on the intake manifold appears a lot smaller then the 38mm carb. Second issue: the bolts seem like they are the same distance apart but are too short because the air cleaner doesn't slide over the 38mm carb. Lastly the throttle cam opens a different way compared to the 28mm. What are my remedies to fix these problems. I would like to use the 38mm carb so any help its greatly appreciated. Also the ski is stock with exception of a ocean pro head and scatteack prop. What jetting will work in the 38mm. What's the stock jetting and carb setup for the 92 and up x2's. if anyone has the parts I need please call or text me. I'll buy whatever I need. 860-601-1138. Thanks guys