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    Seadoo RXT idle issue

    Hey, i have fighted with this problem for some time now.

    i got an 06 RXT, stage 1

    the problem is, when i start the ski it runs fine but after running around for 30 min. and then i shut it off for 2-3 minutes, and then turn it on it will do around 800-1200 rpm for 5-15 seconds with WOT, and then it goes back up to 8000 rpm and works fine again, untill i shut it off again.

    also it will only do 7800 rpm at max.

    it doesn't cavitate

    i have tried new plugs (both denzo and ngk ones), new fuel, new coils, resetting the idle on candoo, supercharger rebuilt, new wear ring,

    any other ideas ?

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    idle air valve

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    can it be cleaned ? or do i have to try with another one

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